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Our dinner date was awesome! We went to, seriously, the tiniest restaurant ever. The atmosphere was just so quaint and adorable, with wine bottles lined up in shelves, covered with scrawls in sharpie marker, commemorating special events that had taken place there, like “Doug & Tracy, First Date 3-1-98.” Totally adorable. I really wanted to take pictures, but the whole place had like 10 tables and we were 6 inches from the table next to us. No way to be smooth in that situation.

The service was pretty slow, which was a given, considering that there was 1 waiter. Fortunately we had a big bowl of freshly baked bread and butter whipped with garlic and herbs. Yum! I also had a glass of their house red, which was a chianti. Also, Yum! I really could not decide what to order, so I got a recommendation from the waiter —  he emphatically pointed me toward the shrimp scampi. Now, I like shrimp scampi. I’ve always thought it was good, but it seems like something I could easily make at home, and not necessarily something I’d order out. BUT, I am so glad I did! The shrimp were perfectly cooked, and spiced up with red pepper flake and a blend of Italian herbs. They were served on a mound of freshly made egg pasta with a buttery white wine sauce. Heaven. I ate every last bite.

I tried a bite of Brent’s, which was really tasty too, but I’ll let him tell you about it, and our dessert.

So this restaurant is right up Victoria’s weird little alley.  The smaller and weirder, the better.  Her dream restaurant would probably be operated out of some dude’s shed.  Unlike the hypothetical squalid shed, this place was pretty good.  I had originally planned to order the linguine with clam sauce, but Victoria was offended by the idea.  Apparently it would be ridiculous to order something she can make.  So instead, I had the “Fettucini Antonio” which was fettucini with a cream sauce, bacon, and pancetta.  I actually appreciated Victoria’s outrage in this case, because the dish was really good.  Smoky, salty, and really tasty.

The dessert was a homemade cappuccino-flavored gelato.  I don’t really know why Victoria left this to me; food description is not my forte.


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  1. haha, brent’s review is cute. it’s always fun to get the different perspective. he should visit more often!

    i love love love those teeny little intimate restaurants — they always end up having the best meals and service.

  2. I love quirky restaurants like that! How fun!

  3. Oh wow, what a fantastic night!

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  5. sounds like such a great night, very romantic! And I love small restaurants too, they are always better than those big chains!

  6. heehee, I like the double reviews.
    mmm…shrimp scampi…sometimes somehow the same dishes we can make at home just seems to taste better in a restaurant. (ex: eggs and pancakes at Ihop)

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