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A Photoless Weekend Recap

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I am finally in bed after what seems like the busiest 3 or 4 days of my life. I am sure, given my propensity for exaggeration, that it wasn’t really that crazy, but it sure felt like it. Friday was my friend Tessa’s birthday, but because she lives 4 hours away, I had not planned on seeing her that day to celebrate. However, mid-Thursday morning, I changed my mind, called Brent and insisted we needed to be in Chicago to commemorate the occasion. We arrived around 5pm and waited a bit for Tess to get off work. After throwing around a few ideas, and the menfolk doing some research, we headed to the train station to grab a train downtown. We just figured that we’d wing it and eat dinner wherever looked good. Honestly, that’s probably the most dangerous thing a person could suggest to me, but I was proud of myself for keeping my hangriness in check.

It worked out fabulously! We ended up at a tiny little place called Teena Mia. To be fair, I actually wanted to bolt the minute we sat down and they gave us pieces of sloppily folded paper with “Carry Out Menu” at the top, but I was trying not to be so bitchy and judgmental. Brent and I ordered a Greek salad to split and it totally hit the spot. The dressing was extremely tasty. Next up, all four of us split a Margherita pizza. I’m telling you this thing had at least 6lbs. of cheese on it! It was so cheesy, but very tasty. According to Tess’s husband Greg, “The basil was divine.” After finishing every last morsel of pizza goodness, we ventured out into the night in search of our next stop.

Brent had found a wine bar called The Tasting Room while we were searching for ideas, so we headed in that general direction. Along our travels we wandered through Oprahland. Building upon building with huge “O” logos on them. It was kind of surreal. We arrived at the wine bar and settled in. We each ordered a flight of wine, and tried each others, allowing us each to taste 12 wines! There were some interesting ones. Tess ordered a dessert wine flight with a white port, a muscadelle, and a tokaji. I’ve never had a dessert wine so I could get over how odd these were. The muscadelle was especially sweet and almost cloying, but I liked the tokaji quite a bit. I had the “m. batali flight,” which consisted of:

  • 2006 villa monteleone ‘campo santa lena’, valpolicella, italy
  • 2006  shoofly ‘aussie salute’ grenache//shiraz blend, adelaide, australia
  • 2007 ventus malbec, patagonia, argentina

I really loved the valpolicella! The other two were alright, but I wouldn’t purchase them. Along with our wine, we also had the cocoa cordova cheese, and the manchego. I loved the manchego; so salty and delicious! It went so well with the reds. Yum! We eventually left the bar, caught a train and ended up back at Tess and Greg’s by 1:30am. I proceeded to pass out immediately.

Come 9am Saturday morning, Brent and I were up and on our way back to the Fort. The weather was gorgeous so we grabbed some salads for lunch and took the dogs on a walk before getting ready for a wedding. We attended the reception of Brent’s coworker Shawn and his wife Norma, and then had a few of Brent’s coworkers over for a few drinks afterward. It was another late night.

Sunday was spent writing a massively unfun research paper, with a tiny bit of grocery shopping thrown in. Truthfully I was pretty much in a zombie-like state the entire afternoon. Unfortunately, I realized at 11pm last night that I had a microbiology exam this evening… Uh oh. In between work and an unpleasant trip to the dentist today, I crammed as much as possible. It went as well as I could have hoped, given my lapse in preparation. I am just so incredibly thankful the day is over, the exam is done, the paper is done. I’m going to grab some sleep and try to get back into my routine tomorrow. I’ll be back then with some pictures!


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  1. it sounds like you had a packed but FUN weekend! glad that you enjoyed yourself and that you made the trip for your friend’s birthday!
    rest up dear, you deserve it 🙂

  2. Um, that sounds like the busiest weekend that I’ve ever heard of! (But a fun one!)

  3. Glad you had fun!! Hang in there with the research and be sure to get some well-deserved rest!!

  4. Busy busy weekend! I love manchego as well, but wine tasting would be lost on me.

  5. Oh goodness – what a weekend!! I hope you get some rest this week!

  6. it was totes divine


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