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A Beautiful Weekend

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It’s been 80 degrees and sunny all weekend! With all the great weather, I was feeling extra productive and we got quite a lot done this weekend. Saturday morning we went to Schmucker’s Amish Market to check out the first produce of the season (not super impressive) and ended up picking up some veggie plants. We also stopped by the outdoor mall to purchase some work clothes for Brent and found a small wine tasting there as well! 🙂

hpim32401I spent most of the afternoon playing in the dirt and transferring each plant to its own little pot. Above are a few of my red bell pepper plants, and below is a cherry tomato plant and one of several yellow pear tomato plants. I’m hoping I can keep them alive and thriving!


While I was making a big dirty mess, Brent was doing such husbandly things as washing the car and mowing the lawn. 🙂

The greater part of today was also spent outside.  After breakfast and some weight-lifting at the gym, Brent and I decided to take the dogs on a walk in a new spot. We loaded them in the car and headed to the Rivergreenway, which is a long trail that winds all over Fort Wayne. I loved the change of scenery and spending this gorgeous day outdoors. We did about 4 miles with the dogs this afternoon and by the time we were done, all four of us were pooped!

Remember my Rachael Ray confession? Tonight’s dinner was another recipe I saw on her show: Spinach-Artichoke Stuffed Shells.  It incorporates my current favorite ingredient — artichokes! These stuffed shells were delicious! (although maybe wait until it’s not 80 degrees out to make them).

hpim3236I love the lemon zest in these – so fresh tasting! I had way more filling than just 20 shells’ worth, so I kept filling and added more tomato sauce too. This ended up making 6 servings for us. I put the shells into two casserole dishes, baked one and froze the other so I’m sure we’ll be having these again soon.

Now I’m getting ready to do some yoga and then head to bed. I hope your weekend was as beautiful and fun as mine.

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  1. Oh wow, love love love your dinner. Go Rachel Ray! LOL!

  2. That does look like a great weekend 🙂

  3. Those shells look so tasty, and what a great weekend!! 🙂

  4. Anything spinach artichoke is a winner to me! Sounds fantastic!!

  5. I love growing plants. It makes me long for the days when I had outdoor space. The shells also look delicious. I made a similar recipe out of Cooking Light and they knocked my socks off.

  6. The shells look delicious! I really want to try my hand (again) at tomatoes!!!! My mom always does such a great job, but I am a neglectful tomato mother.

  7. Your dinner looks perfect, I’m kind of feeling under the weather today and am planning on having pasta tonight, I definitely wish I had everything on hand to make these stuffed shells tonight but I definitely will be soon!

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