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Happy Birthday Sarah!

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My little sister turns 16 today! You may recognize her from such fun blog activities as fawning over Michael Phelps and making cookies worshiping him and baking Christmas cookies with the family.


She’s probably going to hate that I posted this picture of her being all Miley Cyrus-ish, but I guess that’s what she gets for stealing my camera and taking numerous self-portraits with it.

All I can think is, “Man, I’m getting old.” Because there’s a significant difference in ages between me and my younger siblings, I feel half sister, half totally out-of-touch parent. You wouldn’t think it, but that eight year difference really created quite the generation gap! One huge difference between us, at least I’m sure Sarah would think so, is that she is infinitely cooler than I am. Actually she’s probably the coolest member of our family, and she seeks to maintain our family reputation for coolness by ensuring none of us act too lame in public. In case you were wondering how you too can be cool like Sarah, here are some criteria for coolness:

  1. Have a super cool phone.
  2. Buy Sarah a super cool phone.
  3. Buy Sarah lots of clothes.
  4. Hold Sarah’s super cool phone and other stuff while she tries on lots of clothes for you to buy her.
  5. Forget the purchases and just give her cold hard cash.
  6. Drive her to the mall so she can spend your money (do this while you can… she’ll be able to hit the road herself soon enough).
  7. Love Twilight (I’m not sure she actually considers this a criterion, unless maybe you were buying her Edward Cullen, but it’s the only one I meet so I added it).

As you can imagine, I often fall short, but because she’s such an upstanding young woman she still allows herself to occasionally be seen in my presence. However, other family members meet several of the criteria, most notably my poor (literally!) father. šŸ™‚

In all seriousness, my little sister is pretty great. She’s actually got a pretty level head on her shoulders for a 16 year old girl. We’ve gotten a lot closer as she’s grown up and I’m sure that will only continue. Unfortunately I won’t be able to celebrate with her today, but I’ll probably send her text on my woefully uncool phone. šŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday again Sarah!!!

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  1. I can attest to doing # 2,3,4,5 and 6 listed above on many occasions. My lovely and charming daughters are of course worth every penny.


  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!


  4. awww šŸ™‚ happy birthday, sarah!

  5. Very sweet post indeed. Happy 16th birthday Sarah. Kathy Wingert

  6. Your post both made me laugh and realize I am old. I can’t believe I am 10 years beyond 16. Wow.

  7. Happy Birthday to your sister.
    My boyfriends little sister is 7 years younger then us, I’ve known her since she was 8 and now she’s almost 17, I know what you mean about the generation gap for our ages being so close I definitely feel out of touch with her a lot of times!

  8. AWWWHHH so sweet!!! Happy Birthday SARAH!!!!

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