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Brownies Bites with Chocolate Whipped Cream

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Today is our company picnic potluck! I loved your suggestions, and it seemed like the brownie bites were a popular idea, so that’s what I did. I felt they needed a bit of extra pizzaz, so then I topped them each with a dollop of chocolate whipped cream.

HPIM3291I don’t actually have a specific brownie recipe that I’m devoted to, so like chocolate chip cookies, I pretty much just try a new one every time. I do know that I much prefer a fudgy dense moist brownie over a cake-like one. The recipe I tried this time was this one minus the fudge icing. These were definitely rich and fudgy. They taste amazing, but they are slightly sticky. They stuck to the greased pan, and to the paper cups, which was kind of a hassle, but other than that I highly recommend them.

For the chocolate whipped cream, I just whipped 1 cup of heavy cream until it was fluffy whipped cream, and then I folded in 2oz of chopped unsweetened chocolate and 1/4 cup of sugar melted together. When the brownies were completely cooled I just piped a little dollop on each, and then chilled overnight. They are so rich and yummy! I hope everyone enjoys them!

This weekend is going to be wonderful. I’ve decided. I have absolutely no school work and Brent and I are taking a long hike with a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting. Sunday we’re having Brent’s parents over for dinner. Have a great weekend!


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  1. The whip cream total makes them! I agree, I am not loyal to brownie recipes (or very many recipes for that matter…except my pizza dough recipe…that I am loyal to) so I am always experimenting. I find it a fun way to learn how different things affect the end product. Have you ever baked from BakeWise. I just got it from the library and given all the bread baking you do thought you would love it. It’s a great mix of recipes and the science behind why they work and what different aspects do. I think I am in love.

  2. Hoooooooooly crap, those look absolutely amazing. They’ll be snatched up right away!

  3. I definitely prefer fudgy brownies. Those look great!

  4. Enjoy your fantastic weekend! I think a picnic and a hike sounds FANTASTIC! I’m jealous! (It’s cold and dreary in my neck of the woods . . . bah.)

  5. Yay! I think this was my suggestion! I feel proud.

  6. Those look great! Perfect for parties!!

  7. Oh wow, those look delicious!

  8. ooh, looks so rich!


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