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Happy Mother’s Day

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I wasn’t able to see my mom today, but she is a pretty awesome mother. I can definitely say I appreciate her way more now that I’m an adult myself. My family was having a pretty big get together today so I’m sure Mom got showered with enough attention (I did remind my other absent sibling to call her! ;))

However, we did have Brent’s family over for dinner to celebrate with his mom today. Whenever I’m entertaining people, I like to look to the Barefoot Contessa for inspiration. She thinks like I do, and she likes to serve things that can be prepared ahead of time so she’s not spending the whole time in the kitchen instead of with her guests. Today’s meal was pretty much entirely prepped ahead of time.

Our main course was roast chicken. It’s super simple to prepare and I knew Brent’s family would like it. I don’t try to force “adventurous” food on people, especially family. Both Brent’s and my family are fairly simple when it comes to what they like, so this was perfect. I forgot to grab a picture of it before Brent carved it.

HPIM3329It came out very well, and I made gravy for it (Brent loves gravy) from the pan juices. On the side I made French Potato Salad, which is absolutely one of my all-time favorite potato recipes. It’s definitely my favorite potato salad — and it tastes delicious at any temperature. Perfect picnic food.

HPIM3311I also made roasted green beans, which I popped in the oven for fifteen minutes while the chicken was resting and I was making the gravy. All together:

HPIM3330Finally, for dessert, I made Deb’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Hers looks much better, but mine was equally delicious. My “concentric circles” didn’t work out so well.

HPIM3318Brent was especially fond of the crispy caramelized edges of the cake. I’ve never eaten pineapple upside-down cake that I can remember, but I think this version is pretty fantastic and I enjoy it’s summery-ness.

I leave you with an entertaining photo of Brent’s brother Jonathan chasing Larry around the backyard. Larry is much faster than Jon. Jon’s moving to Colorado next month, and I definitely think Larry’s going to miss him.

HPIM3332I hope you had a wonderful day and were able to spend time with your family this weekend!


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  1. My mother drove me crazy but other than that I had a ok mothers day. Your dinner looked amazing. My favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake. I will have to get the recipe.

  2. Oh wow, that dinner looks amazing, especially the chicken!

  3. Ina Garten has this magical way of making throwing a party look SO easy.

    Your meal looks beautiful! That potato salad looks amazing. I’ll have to check out that recipe, since I LOVE potato salad, and we have a camping trip coming up soon!

  4. That all looks delicious. I love classic recipes. Nice job.

  5. Way to go! Ina is a fantastic cook!! Those potatoes look great 🙂

  6. That potato salad looks wonderful. I hate most potato salads because they have mayo, but this recipe doesn’t and it’s really pretty too.


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