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Jamaican Veggie Patties

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Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to make this recipe from this book? Well, I did it this Saturday during my baking extravaganza. It took quite a bit of time (like 2 hours start to finish I think), and was a little bit frustrating at first, but it was so worth it. Looks pretty inconspicuous doesn’t it?

HPIM3306The turmeric in the dough stained my gross white laminate counter tops. The coconut oil was new to me, and a bit weirder to work with than I had expected. But it was definitely worth it. The filling alone was worth its weight in gold.

HPIM3301I was annoyed at first that the recipe produced more filling than the dough could accommodate. After I tasted the filling, I was thankful. The filling seemed a bit liquidy, but it cooked up nicely, and the patties were actually able to be eaten like hand-pies.

HPIM3308The dough seemed slightly delicate and flaky, but was sturdy enough to hold. Overall, I loved these. It was one of the most flavorful meals I’ve had in a long time.

The coconut oil definitely gave me a headache at first, but I believe I didn’t chill my dough ingredients well enough before beginning. The oil changed quickly from solid to oily, so make sure if you’re using it in a pastry like this to stop and chill it when necessary. If you’re not familiar with coconut oil, or are concerned about the saturated fat content, here’s a link to some research on its benefits.

I made the full recipe, which made six 7″ patties. We each ate one (and Brent ate an extra half cup of the filling), and I froze the other four, unbaked. I’ll let you know how they turn out when we bake them from frozen. After trying this amazing recipe, I can’t wait to try more of Bryant Terry’s recipes! I’m making another one from Vegan Soul Kitchen tonight!

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  1. ooh it looks like it’s worth the time!

  2. Wow! Those look worth all the time and effort!!

  3. Oh my gosh, so tasty!

  4. those look fantastic girl!!! I don’t know if I could regularly spend 2 hours making them but maybe make a bunch then freeze some?

  5. Wow that looks great! 2 hours is a long time but it looks worth it!

  6. Mmmm! Made this one, too! Your’s looks delicious. I think I chopped up my veggies a bit too much, so the filling doesn’t look as visually appealing. All the same, the flavor was dynomite! This dish was def. worth the time, and honestly, I ought to be making it tonight because we’re going on a long trip tomorrow. It makes for a great traveling or picnic type of food.


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