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An Indian Feast

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Brent and I love Indian food, but, much like our love of sushi, it is relegated to the “restaurant only” category because I’ve never really been able to replicate it at home. Although, to be fair, I haven’t tried all that hard because I like our local Indian restaurant quite a bit. I guess I was feeling up for the challenge, so after finding a few highly rated recipes, I made the effort tonight.

HPIM3349I made Channa Masala which has been on my list of recipes to try for over a year. I’m so glad I finally got around to it. I was really tasty. The only change I made to the recipe was to eliminate the amchoor powder because I didn’t have any. I made the whole recipe, which makes a ton! To go along side the channa masala, I made some long-grain rice. I am seriously the world’s worst rice cook. It always just turns out fine, but not very great.

However, my other side dish was wonderful! I made some super simple, probably not authentic, Naan. I used some non-fat Greek yogurt for this recipe and I also added some garlic powder and a little bit of melted butter. This turned out amazing — actually better than I was expecting. Naan is pretty much my number one love (and downfall!) at the Indian buffet and I was impressed this was a decent approximation of the restaurant variety.

I made this dinner as a “date night” for Brent and I, complete with delicious red wine and I even convinced him to take me to Coldstone afterward and got the German Chocolate Cake creation. Yum! To round out our date night, we’re going to watch The Office and 30 Rock. πŸ™‚

Busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow right after work Brent and I are heading to West Lafayette to see his brother graduate from Purdue Friday night, and then Saturday night we have dinner with his family to celebrate. Good thing we have leftover channa masala to eat quickly before we get on the road tomorrow.

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  1. The only Indian food I’ve had has been courtesy of Trader Joe’s but that sounds AMAZING! Good luck with your busy weekend!! Safe travels!!

  2. looks great! my indian is never anything comparable to restaurant eats!

  3. I’m with you, I’ve NEVEr attempted real indian food, though i have a killer dal recipe I’m dying to try!

  4. Mmm. Everything looks delicious! Indian is still a restaurant or frozen meal thing for me.

  5. I tried to make naan a few months ago and it didn’t turn out anything close to naan. I even bought a pizza stone to bake it on. I love making homemade indian food.

  6. your naan is beautiful! as is everything. yummmmmmm.

    i made chicken tikka masala from a weight watchers recipe once, and i was SHOCKED at how much it tasted like the real deal!

  7. I just had Channa Masala last night – too weird – I set the post to publish this afternoon πŸ™‚

    Your naan also looks great. I’m super impressed by your meal!

  8. Good looking Indian food. I’m more of a spinach guy.

    I boycott Coldstone. It’s expensive, gimmicky, and I find the ice cream to be of inconsistent quality. If you wanna mix Oreos and Vanilla go get a tub of Breyers and… Oreos πŸ™‚

    The singing is cool though.

    • Agreed. Totally expensive. We hadn’t been in like 2 years and it was pretty ridiculous, but it got Brent out of the house. What singing? We didn’t get any singing.

  9. I made homemade Indian for the first time on Valentine’s Day and loved it. It was amazing and so much cheaper than eating out. Plus I am a nerd and enjoyed spending time researching recipes at the library before hand.

  10. I love making Indian food. It’s easier than I ever thought. Your naan looks perfect, but you’re the bread baker so I’m not surprised. πŸ˜‰

  11. I’ve found my trick for delicious, homemade Indian food — homemade ghee, and lots of it. πŸ™‚ I’m betting that’s what they do in the restaurants!

    P.S. I’ve inherited the “bad rice gene” as well. I think, someday, I’ll have to invest in a rice cooker.

  12. Oh, I totally love it!

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