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World’s Ugliest Pizza

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I was feeling tired last night after a 7 mile walk around the town with Brent, so I wanted dinner to be pretty low-key. We rented a movie from the RedBox and I threw together a pizza using the master recipe from Artisan Bread.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you — be very liberal with the cornmeal.

HPIM3374I had a little incident when trying to gracefully transfer the pizza from the cutting board onto the baking stone. It stuck – bigtime. And basically kind of folded onto itself and got all bunchy. I’d like to say I took it all in stride, but that’d be a lie. I stomped my feet and pouted and threw my hands up in the air, bemoaning the tragedy that had befallen my poor pizza.

Fortunately, that was actually all unnecessary. The pizza may not have been a looker, but it was still tasty albeit a bit doughy in the center. My half of the pizza was spinach, mushroom and garlic with smoked gouda cheese!

HPIM3375Obviously it was amazing and it is now my favorite pizza combo ever. Brent, crazy hedonist that he is, had plain mozzarella. We chowed on some pizza while watching Bride Wars — Brent loved it. Or maybe not so much.

Also of note – I mowed the lawn for the first time ever yesterday and I am completely sore today. Who knew?

One more thing – go check out Danielle’s blog and get jealous that she’s on vacation and not you. She’s willing to giveaway some souvenirs.


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  1. Victoria – that looks like an upside down heart!

  2. THat is not an ugly pizza. That looks amazing!

  3. i guess it’s kind of hard to go wrong with homemade pizza

  4. I love that you did half and half based on your preferences. I personally love an ugly pizza myself. The best pizzas I have had in restaurants have not always been lookers.

  5. I’ve had that problem before and now I usually just use a baking sheet for pizza. Still looks yummy though!

  6. It reminds me of a heart! I love it!

  7. aww your poor pizza, at least it tasted good!

  8. Wow…that is NO ugly pizza girl!! It looks delicious and nutritious. đŸ™‚ Why is it ugly to you?!?! I’d eat it any day!!!

  9. I think one can never have too much cornmeal on the peel. (That’s happened to me before, too!) Glad that it still tasted great, despite being bunchy!


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