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Cedar Point AKA “Up is so much worse!”

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I am exhausted. Physically and mentally drained. Sort of like I’ve been kept awake for 72 hours and put into a garbage bag and beaten with a bat. My body isn’t too pleased with me, but we had so much fun!

We picked a great day to go. The sun was out but not too hot and the park wasn’t super busy so we had minimal line-waiting. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but I will mention that Top Thrill Dragster was probably the most vividly terrifying 17 seconds of my life. I was scared about the 90 degree downward descent, but after the terror of being shot 420 feet into the air at a speed of 120mph, the way down seemed like a picnic. I was shaking and shouting “up is so much worse!” when the ride came to a stop.

HPIM3406Greg and Brent gearing up for our 12 hour day! My legs and feet were killing me by the end of the night!

Jamie does not care for the “spinny” rides, so she served as photographer and bag holder for a few of them. Ross always cracks me up.

HPIM3412And Brent often likes to pretend that he’s too cool for everything.


HPIM3425The “Wildcat” proved to be tame enough for Ross to wear his sunglasses. Jamie seemed a bit more hesitant.

Tessa is not quite the thrill-seeker that some in our group are, so standing in line for our first ride of the day freaked her out quite a bit.

HPIM3407She powered through and ended up going on most of the roller coasters with us (although she wisely avoided the Top Thrill Dragster).

HPIM3436Brent took the bumper cars pretty seriously. I kind of sucked at them and had most of the kids in line laughing at me as I repeatedly rammed into the walls and couldn’t turn around.

HPIM3428As some relief for our tired feet, we rode across the park in the sky, which was actually one of the rides that kind of scared me the most. Look at all those tiny people in the background.


HPIM3433Our group: Jamie, Brent, Me, Tessa, Greg and Ross (We came from 3 different states and Ross and Jamie came all the way from Connecticut!) I love adventures with my friends. Hope you had an awesome 3 day weekend!


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  1. Sounds like a blast! Glad you guys had a great time – now go get some rest! 😉

  2. Too fun. That reminds me of a park I used to go to as a kid. However I am not a roller coaster girl so I am always the bag holder for those rides. 🙂 Water slides and spinny rides are more my thing.

  3. Totes called the title. My mouth is still watering for that chile relleno. I’m pretty sure Casa Real is spanish for godsend.

  4. Oh wow, so much fun! I totally love i!

  5. those are the best looking bumper cars ever!


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