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Weekend Recap Park 2

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Saturday I woke super early to get a run in with Brent before my four hour drive to Chicago. I don’t mind that drive with other people, but it’s pretty boring when I’m by myself.

I got into town around noon and I was at my parents house for about 7 minutes before mom started running around claiming we were going to be late. My little brother Zack had a double header with his little league team so we drove over. The weather could not have been less perfect. It was cold and rainy. I mostly huddled under a blanket from my car and texted Brent about how cold I was. My mom however, was a pretty devoted fan.

IMG00036-20090606-1410In addition to being cold, I was also hungry so before my hangriness got out of hand Sarah and I left and got some Mexican food from a place I used to frequent in high school. My veggie burrito was so delicious, but I couldn’t come close to finishing it.

HPIM3490After that I headed to the mall, for an awesome blogger date with Mara!! This girl is awesome! OH, and I found it funny that upon meeting me she told me I was tall. This seems to be something a lot of people don’t realize and it surprises people when they find out I’m 5’10”, so keep that in mind should you ever see me. 🙂

One thing I’ve always drooled over on Mara’s blog is that amazing frozen yogurt she gets, so I told her that’s what I wanted to try. We met at Yogen Fruz and I had such a difficult time deciding what to get, but I went with a blended pineapple and mango, with fresh strawberries on top. I absolutely loved this. I can’t wait to go back!

-1Mara and I walked and chatted nonstop pretty much throughout the entire mall, but I definitely made sure to head to Anthropologie! I love that store. I had to get myself a little something. I got two small dip-sized bowls, which I love! Meanwhile, Brent was on the phone begging me not to bring more dishes into our home.

HPIM3510For more of our fun date, including a special photo op with a celebrity, head over to Mara’s recap of the day. I loved meeting a fellow blogger! I wish I lived closer to anywhere so I could meet more of you!

Sunday I worked out at the gym with my parents and then headed to my friend Kathryn’s bridal shower. I finally made it back to the Fort around 9pm and totally crashed! It was a fun, but really exhausting weekend.

Back with more kitchen creations later!


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  1. haha i was hoping you’d put the other pic of your mom up 🙂

  2. Sorry about the weather 😦 YogenFruz!! I’m so jealous of your blogger date!

    Those bowls are so cute – I love them!


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