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Strawberry Short Stack

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I’m quasi-training for a half marathon coming up in September.  I’m planning on running it but I haven’t started any official training plan yet. I’ve just been building up some mileage and making Brent run with me! 🙂 On Saturday we do our slightly longer runs, and the one thing usually gets me through them when my hip is hurting, or I’m feeling hot and tired is the thought of pancakes.

Pancakes are one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. I used to make them all the time, from the time I could read the directions on the back of the Aunt Jemima pancake mix. Last weekend when I was at home, my sister was telling me how she remembers me making “mickey mouse” pancakes for her when she was little. I stopped making them at home for a long time though, probably because Brent doesn’t like them and I decided to eat “healthier” foods instead. For the past month or so, pancakes have made a comeback in my kitchen. I make enough batter for two servings and make half on Saturday and then keep the rest in the fridge and make it on Sunday.

I like just a simple short stack of buttermilk pancakes (occasionally I mix in some chopped walnuts) with some pure maple syrup. Delicious. I look forward to chowing down the whole time I’m running. This morning however, I decided to incorporate some of those delicious strawberries into my pancake tradition. I just chopped them up and simmered them on the stove top with a tablespoon of water until it thickened up. I poured a healthy amount onto my pancakes and dug in.


While I went for the sweet, Brent had an equally delicious savory breakfast. Here’s his in his own words:

So this morning, I wanted to make an EBLT (a BLT plus a fried egg), but we didn’t have any bread.  I think you can all guess who’s to blame for that.

Forced to improvise, I decided to make a hash.  To start, I fried up a couple pieces of bacon in a skillet.  When the bacon was done, I set it aside and drained off most of the fat, reserving about a tablespoon.  I added some diced potato and fried it until mostly cooked through.  Then I added some finely chopped garlic scapes and cooked about another minute.  I know it’s hard to believe garlic scapes are a real thing, but they totally are.  After adding the absolutely non-fake scapes, I deglazed the pan with some red wine vinegar, making sure to get all the bacon bits from the pan.  Then I added honey, brown mustard, salt, and pepper to make a sort-of vinaigrette.  Finally, I chopped up the bacon and threw it back in.


I thought this was pretty tasty.  Victoria described it as the “best thing I’ve ever made.”  If you’re an omnivore and in the mood for bacony goodness, I wholeheartedly recommend this.

It’s been a long day so I’m pretty ready for bed. Be back tomorrow with a cake and really cute pictures of our nephew!


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  1. Both breakfast look FANTASTIC! Well done 🙂

    Good luck with the training!! Can’t wait to see cute pictures of the kiddo!


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