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Last night we had dinner with Brent’s family to celebrate his brother Jon’s graduation from college and upcoming move to Colorado. Yesterday also happened to be his father’s 61st birthday as well. Although the dinner was in honor of Jon, I thought it would be nice to do something for his father too so I baked a simple chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. Dave, my father-in-law, is a huge chocolate fiend.

Looks like my cake writing skills could use some improvement, huh? There were definitely no complaints on the taste though. 🙂

IMG_0049Here is a shot of Dave with his wife Elaine. I wanted to get a photo of them because we have very few pictures of Brent’s family.

IMG_0059And here, as promised, are some pictures of our adorable nephew David Emmett. He is Brent’s sister’s son and he’s about 18 months old now. So cute!


He’s actually licking his plate clean! Guess those were some really tasty Cheeze-Its!

IMG_0058Finally, for your viewing pleasure, we have a photo of Brent giving his parents’ cat Rose some attitude.


Now that it’s Sunday night, I’m trying to get the house clean and prepare bread and lunches for the week. It makes me feel so much calmer about the start of the week when I can get a head start on it by having a clean house and some food prepped.

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?


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  1. Looks like a fun family party… I love celebrations like that 🙂 Congrats to Jon! I think the cake looks great too!

  2. my goodness – how SWEET of you to bake a cake!

  3. Cake writing is the hardest thing! I took penmanship classes for years, and my cake writing looks like a hyperactive kindergartener did it! Love your blog!

  4. Your cake writing skills are MUCH better than mine! That little boy is SO CUTE!!!


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