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How My Garden Grows

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Still scorching over here in Indiana, but the humidity appears to have reached an all-time high! Brent and I went for our run this morning, and I felt soaked with sweat the minute I walked out the door!

During this heat wave, I’ve been especially concerned about my poor little garden. I don’t really have a green thumb as it is and with 90 degree weather, I wasn’t sure my plants would make it. The good news is that pepper plants love the warm weather, and none of the others appear to be suffering too much.

Asiatic Lilies:

HPIM3539Cherry Tomatoes:

HPIM3540(Soon to be) Yellow Pear Tomatoes: I love how they look like rain drops.

HPIM3541(Soon to be) Red Bell Peppers:

HPIM3542Blueberry Bush:

HPIM3543I can’t wait to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor! I’m especially excited about the red bell peppers, because those are so expensive! Did you plant anything this year? How’s your garden doing?

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  1. Love the picture of your lilies.. it looks like a professional photo!

  2. Where are the tiny tiny tomatillos?


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