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I was craving a burger for the past few days. I was originally just going to buy some veggie burgers, because I like them, but I can’t justify pending $1 per burger! So I turned to something I make a lot: black bean burgers! I make each of them with a full serving of black beans, so they big and hearty, but each one only has ~170 calories.

HPIM3536This was the first time I used a food processor for the burgers, which made them a bit more homogenized, but I didn’t pulverize them because I wanted to see some whole beans still. I’ve realized that the burgers stick together best when I refrigerate them for 20-30 before cooking.


These were pretty simple, and I didn’t have much to adorn them with, just a bit of CSA lettuce and some mayonnaise, all on a half whole wheat bun. On the side we had a simple slaw of cabbage, carrots and green bell pepper. I made a dressing from equal parts honey and lime juice, with some scallions thrown in. Super quick.

I forgot to do a CSA post this week, but most of it is repeats: lettuce, pea shoots, turnips!, pineapple mint, and basil. Lettuce is gone. The pineapple mint found it’s way into a few mojitos because Brent is off tomorrow, and the rest is still up for grabs. 🙂

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  1. Are those oats in there? I like thick burgers – looks good to me!

  2. Recipe wise, is this the same as your usual? They look wonderful!

  3. Those look wonderful! I love making homemade bean burgers, but mine never turn out as pretty as yours!

  4. Got the coupons in the mail. Thanks so much! The bag was a nice surprise and the card was so sweet. 🙂

    Those look really good. Maybe I should try chilling bean burgers, because mine always fall apart.


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