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Tuna and Roasted Tomato Melt

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Part 4 in the Sandwich Week series was the Tuna and Roasted Tomato Melt. English muffins, some oven roasted tomatoes, tuna salad and a slice of Gruyere cheese. Sounded like it could be good, so I was willing to give it a shot.

Did anyone else make those little English muffin pizzas when they were younger? I used to make them all the time, so I found tonight’s sandwich choice really comforting and delicious. This was my second pick out of the book and I would recommend it. Roasting the tomatoes is time-consuming, but not active work. I did that yesterday, so tonight’s sandwich assembly and melting took a total of 12 minutes. Oh, I made English muffins this morning too, but you could probably buy them.

First up, let’s talk about the English muffins. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll let you know that these are not real English muffins. Most recipes require enriched dough, but I took the lazy way out and used Artisan dough. (As a side note, Brent came up with the name The Idle Loaf because “It implies that baking is your hobby, but also that you’re kind of lazy.” Guilty on both accounts.) I found the English muffin idea on the ABin5 website which I love as much as the book. I chose to make mine on the griddle, which was fairly easy, but these definitely ended up tasting like bread shaped like an English muffin.

HPIM3599A few nooks and crannies, but I think I want to try a “real” English muffin recipe sometime soon. I had a phase last year where I had one every morning with PB and J. I should bring them back into my life. 🙂

Onto the sandwich, the roasted tomatoes were simple to make. Douse some tomatoes with oil, garlic, salt, pepper and thyme and then roast them for like 3 hours. I liked these tomatoes. I’ve made similar recipes before. I think they would make an excellent pasta sauce. I toasted the muffins, added some tomatoes, some tuna with mayo, lemon juice and oregano and a slice of Gruyere and baked until melty.

HPIM3605These were warm, toasty and yummy. I really enjoyed them. Some comments for the next time I make them: I would not use the super fancy tuna in olive oil. I don’t think it’s necessary when you’re mixing it with mayonnaise anyway, and Brent thought the roasted tomatoes need more salt (he thinks everything needs more salt). Overall, I would definitely make these again. It was like a tuna melt pizza, which sounds odd, but was worked out really well.

Brent just bought an XBox 360, so I think our weekend plans just got a little more video game intensive. Have a great holiday, and enjoy the 3 day weekend!

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  1. Haha! I like the explanation behind the blog’s title 😉

    Those sound really good – they might not be exact English muffins but it’s still bread! Still a winner!!

  2. That looks delicious. As far as English Muffin recipes go I really like the one from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook and I’ve also heard good things about Alton Brown’s recipe. The key it seems though is to have the English Muffin rings since the true batters are quite wet. I really need to get myself some of those.

  3. That looks so delicious! Drive to Chicago and make me one. : (

  4. All of these sandwiches are making me hungry!

    P.S. Love your new profile photo. 🙂

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