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Sushi, Booze and Byrnie

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As I said before, we went home to Chicago this weekend. Friday night, we stopped at Tess and Greg’s place as we usually do when we come into town. Tessa had been wanting to take me to this “conveyor belt sushi place,” which sounded both odd and amazing.

Sushi Station was heaven on Earth for me. I loved everything about it, especially the Paradise Roll, which consists of avocado, tempura shrimp and toasted coconut. There was no waiting for food and I could spontaneously choose whatever I wanted, and I got to try so many different rolls rather than just one or two. I actually made Brent go back here for lunch on Saturday. I am that obsessed.

After dinner, we had a very entertaining Friday night, involving a bit of booze, The Game of Life, and some Nintendo Wii. We tried a variety of new drinks, including electric lemonade, the best of the three we tried.

HPIM3782We also tried a salty chihuahua. Blech. I like tequila, but I disliked everything about this drink for some reason. However, our drink choice only got nastier when we tried the last drink. I seem to have blocked out the name. I wish I could forget the taste. I don’t know what it was but it involved banana liqueur. Never Again.

Friday night also marked our first introduction to Byrnie, Tessa and Greg’s 9 week old schnauzer puppy. This dude is crazy.

HPIM3780He does not sit still for anything. Makes me appreciate my big, lazy dogs. 🙂 He is sure is adorable though!

HPIM3789I just think this photo is hilarious. He looks like a stuffed animal!

HPIM3785Also noteworthy was the fact that Tessa made cupcakes!! These were Vitamin C Cupcakes from Cupcakes Galore, and I loved their zestiness. I ate one four! Tess sent me home with some and I even had one for breakfast Monday morning.

HPIM3791There was some other stuff thrown in there, like a backyard wedding and a super cute pedicure, but those are the highlights. Tomorrow is already Wednesday! Sweet!


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  1. Oooh, that electric lemonade is so vivid; and I LOVE BYRNIE!!!! 😀

  2. cousin byrnie will be so happy to hear of his new found fame 🙂 oh and that nasty unmentionable drink was an “Ole.”

  3. That puppy Byrnie is sure cute. I’m sure my dog Max would love him!!

  4. That puppy looks like what Peter did when he was a baby.. It took over a year but he has finally started to mellow…

  5. Totes jealous…

  6. Booze and games – what a great night!! That pupper is so cute! Small dogs can be a little wild at times!

  7. Looks like an awesome trip. I saw a lot of those conveyer belt sushi places in Hawaii but never checked one out. Those cupcakes and drinks look amazing and the puppy is adorable. Before I got my dog I REALLY wanted a schnawzer but everything suggested they were a little too barky for my condo lifestyle. 😦 I do love my little fur boy though.

  8. That is one cute pooch!

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