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Cherry Streusel Cake

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I had a very successful baking project this afternoon. I was thinking of something to make last night, and I thought of my babysitter when I was younger — Sandy. She had a big plum tree in her front yard and all of us kids would pick up all the plums when they fell off the tree. There were always so many! And when we brought them in to Sandy she would make pan after pan of this sugary, delicious plum streusel cake. I lived for that cake during the summer months.

So back to today. During my reminiscing I looked up some recipes for plum streusel cakes similar to the one I remembered. I found quite a few and I decided to adapt one of them to use with my cherries.


This was pretty simple to make, although my batter was nearly unspreadable so I added a few tablespoons of milk. After layering the quartered cherries over the batter, I added the best part – the streusel!

HPIM3811The cake was not a typically “spongy” cake. It’s more like a cross between and shortbread and a cake, very dense and buttery.

HPIM3812I had a bite… before dinner. I’m such a rebel. I really like it, and it’s not overly sweet which is nice. I should make more fresh fruit desserts. Brent and I split a piece, and I’m planning on taking the rest of it to work. The universal thing I’ve noticed about every office I’ve worked is that they all love free food. πŸ™‚

HPIM3814Tonight’s dinner, after a truly arduous and very HOT run, had to be cold and refreshing. We also had to use up an ever-growing amount of leftovers in the fridge. I made a salad of arugula, lettuce, basil, and pea shoots and then added chopped up pieces from yesterday’s casserole, a bit more feta and some homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

HPIM3820Brent actually really liked the salad. It made an excellent use for the leftovers. But we still have some casserole left, chickpea curry, and white chili in the fridge! Looks like it’ll be a leftover-heavy weekend.


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  1. oooo this looks so good!

  2. I love the streusel topping on desserts – I used to steal it from the rest of the cake when I was younger πŸ˜‰

    What a great dinner! I’m crazy but I love leftovers! It’s instant gratification when you’re hungry.

  3. That cake looks great! I’m always too lazy to make desserts with cherries but they’re so beautiful and ripe around here (WA state) right now that I feel more inspired to take the time to core them and whatnot. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. It looks delicious, if its buttery and like shortbread then I’m there! The fruit makes it a little less naughty while still tasting great.


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