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Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas… and a Pantry Makeover

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Friday was one of those days where I came home and everything, absolutely everything, seemed disorganized, cluttered and messy to me. I immediately attacked the pantry. I actually consider myself a pretty organized person. I love lists, schedules, plans of all kinds, but my kitchen is a completely different story. My pantry especially. It’s deep, but very narrow. I can never tell what’s in there and anytime I endeavor to make a dish with a seasoning other than salt or pepper, I end up emptying most of the contents onto the counter while growling, “Where the hell is it?!?” I get easily frustrated with that pantry. So on Friday I emptied everything onto the kitchen counter so I could try to bring some order to it. HPIM3860I had way more than I thought. I actually made a whole inventory of it, (like I said, I love lists), so that I could refer to it when menu planning. HPIM3862My totally empty pantry. I kind of hate it, but I love the rest of my kitchen, so I make do. 🙂 And then I loaded it back up! HPIM3864It won’t stay like this for long, which Brent quickly pointed out to me. I’m going to try though, especially with all those spices. My baking stuff actually occupies the lazy susan cabinet in the corner under my stand mixer. It definitely needs its own area.

After doing all this organizing, I discovered a few ingredients I had nearly forgotten about. Case in point: two bag of dried chiles I had purchased for some recipe that I never made. I set about finding something to do with them, and decided on enchiladas. I made homemade enchilada sauce using this recipe. This recipe used about half of my chiles, but it made a ton! Enough for 4 meals worth of enchiladas for Brent and I. I froze a ton. With the portion I didn’t freeze I made some black bean enchilads out of mashed black beans, corn, green bell pepper onion and some cheddar cheese. HPIM3866I have to admit I was concerned after I made the sauce. It was HOT! I could barely handle it. It was definitely mellowed by the cheese and sour cream though. I really enjoyed these and it was fun to make something I normally wouldn’t. I don’t make much Mexican, except for the occasional fajita. It was a nice change. HPIM3868When I discovered how spicy the sauce was, I really loaded on the cheese and sour cream! 😀 This week should be interesting. My little sister is here visiting until Saturday. My mom, as usual, was concerned about the “weird food” I might feed her, so she sent Sarah with a box of Fruit Loops, a bag of Doritos, and a package of Chips Ahoy. Thank goodness the girl won’t starve!


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  1. YUM! i love enchiladas!!! Hope you’re doing well! Planning a trip up here soon??

  2. That’s hilarious! She definitely won’t starve. Vitamin deficiency, now that’s another story. 🙂

    Enchiladas! Why haven’t I made enchiladas lately? What a great idea!

  3. Ugh, I hate when things feel disorganized! It makes me twitch (not really but it probably could)! Nice organization skills!!

    Your enchiladas look fantastic!! I love it HOT! Hah – the “normal” food sounds weird to me 😉

  4. I hear ya. I cleaned out the pantry to move and wondered how I ever accumulated so many spices.

  5. I’m really impressed with the pantry makeover. I need one myself. Mine is quite the mess. I cannot grab anything without a million containers falling out.

  6. Yeah, we have the same problem with our pantry. Narrow but deep- so I can never find ANYTHING. Nice job with the reorganization! It looks so clean and accessible. Can you come do mine next?


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