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Colorado Recap Day 3

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Saturday we decided to go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Brent and I waited until Saturday to do this because Jon showed interest in coming with us and we didn’t want him to have to miss work. The downfall of waiting until the weekend was how crazy packed the park was. Parking was insane.

I won’t be doing much commentary on the photos. I mean, what do you really need to say about one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I absolutely loved Saturday’s hike. We ended up doing the Lumpy Ridge trail leading to Gem Lake. It was a difficult trail, very steep in places and with serious rocks, but it was an awesome view (and killer workout).

IMG_0185The view looking up from the trailhead.

IMG_0200Mid-way up.

IMG_0202Jon checking out the view. Brent and I like to tease Jon for looking like a hippy, which is hilarious to us because Jon is one of the most conservative 22 year olds I know.

IMG_0212Gem Lake. It was gorgeous and it really amazed me that there was this tiny hidden lake at the top of a huge mountain.

IMG_0213We refueled with a picnic lunch composed of quinoa salad, hummus, veggies and crackers, apples and water.


IMG_0220Like I said, beautiful. Brent claimed if we lived here, we’d be in the mountains nearly every weekend. Totally accurate.

IMG_0224Jon, looking tiny among the giant rocks.

IMG_0225So sweaty and tired.

After we were done climbing mountains, we chugged a crap ton of water and then needed to find more food. On our way through Boulder, we stopped at Snarf’s, which is apparently very popular with the locals and college students. Best. Sandwich. Ever. Clearly I should have gotten a photo or two but I was crazy with hunger and it did not even occur to me. It was awesome.

We got back to Jon’s apartment, showered, and then set off for Saturday night’s activity: CUBS baseball. I love the Cubs and we planned the timing of this trip to coincide with the Cubs visiting the Rockies.


This was Jon’s first major league baseball game, and I think it may be his last. I’ve never seen a dude less interested in sports. After watching the Cubs beat the Rockies, we went back home… and crashed.


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  1. Stunning views!

    Haha I’m with Jon on the sports-watching 😉

  2. Colorado needs to stop being so gorgeous! I’m with Jon. I love sports but baseball wouldn’t be my first choice, sorry!

  3. Those are really beautiful scenery pictures – you’re making me want to visit Colorado asap!

    Love that vegan lunch, too! It looks like the perfect food to keep you hiking through the mountains 🙂

  4. What a fabulous time! Those views are absolutely breathtaking! Too bad you dont have a picture of that sandwich – I have something crazy pictured in my head now 😉

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