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Tuscan White Bean Stew

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Hey folks. Like I said, the cookery here has been pretty boring as of late. I’ve been cooking of course, but mostly repeats and slap togethers. I have tried a few new recipes though, one of which was this Tuscan White Bean Soup from the Mayo Clinic Cookbook. I love this cookbook, and the website.

IMG_0249 2Brent described the soup as, “Well the broth is delicious.” He’s not a huge bean soup fan, but this was a tasty one. I promptly froze most of it of course.

In other non-food related, canine news… look at this ridiculous photo of Larry on the couch. He just loves to be tucked in laying on the couch with us.

IMG_0252So lame, I know.

Also, I’ve been kind of a spaz the past few days. Brent and I have been planning to move when I graduate, but we’ve recently decided to go ahead and list our house for sale now in preparation. Yikes! We have a few realtors coming to the house tomorrow to check out our home and get some opinions on list price and improvements. It feels kind of weird to be judged on our home and I’m a bit nervous. In the mean time I’ve been cleaning like crazy. And school starts on Monday. it’s going to be a busy few days. 🙂


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  1. What a great picture of you and Larry. Your listing your house now!!

  2. The soup looks amazing. I love white beans because they are especially creamy. Good luck with the house preparations.

  3. Totally not lame! Our doggie loves that too. He even has his own blankies just for snuggles. 😀


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