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Baked Potato Soup

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Doesn’t just hearing the words baked potato soup make you feel warm? I saw baked potato soup on some show Brent and I were watching, and immediately all I could think about was making it. That happens to me sometimes, quite frequently actually. Anyway, I made this soup and it was delicious. With a Vermont Cheddar roll of course! πŸ™‚

The sour cream made the soup. This soup is clearly not “good” for you, although I did use smart balance instead of butter, 2% milk, light sour cream and reduced fat cheese, mostly due to what was on hand, not purposely trying to lighten it up.

Normally I don’t really worry a ton about the fat or calories in something because I figure I eat OK enough on a day to day basis and as long as I’m feeling fine, it’s all good. I’ve been thinking about it more and more recently though because I know I’m not perfect, and my eating habits have gone downhill with school starting, and I do have a serious family history of heart disease and high cholesterol. With that in mind, I’m getting my fasting lipid profile done in two weeks. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, but I’m always so lazy about these things. Recommendations are to get a baseline when you’re 20 (I’m only 4.5 years late on that) and then once every 5 years after that if results are within a normal range. I’m actually kind of nervous about it. 😦

Anyway, make some baked potato soup, because even “lightened up” it made me so happy to eat lunch every day this week! πŸ™‚


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  1. baked potato soup = delicious! I should make some.

    I made Vermont Cheddar rolls this week again! They seem to pair so perfectly with soup!

    Don’t worry so much about your lipids test — Dan has a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol, and even with his healthy diet and exercise, his numbers are still too high. He’s trying major flax right now, and if that doesn’t work, statins, here he comes. Blah. Such is life, though.

  2. That looks so comforting. I absolutely love baked potato soup. I happened to have it once on the night of a terrible snow storm, so I always associate it with cold weather.


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