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Indian Night Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

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I know I’ve already mentioned the this Korma Simmer Sauce, but it’s worthy of another blog post. I made some korma tonight with a russet potato, a can of garbanzo beans, and a cup of frozen green peas.
To go with the korma, we had some Trader Joe’s Naan from the freezer. This was my first time trying this stuff, and I’m kind of undecided. It was decent, and very convenient having it on hand, but I just think it didn’t have a ton of flavor. Maybe I should have slathered in in melted butter, as the package recommends. 😉

Now Brent and I are on the couch watching Zombieland, and I’m trying to pretend I don’t find it funny, while Brent is laughing his head off. Tomorrow is our anniversary! 🙂


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  1. Happy 4th anniversary Vicki and Brent!!!!

  2. happy anniversary, you guys!

    I think it might be time to make some Indian food at our house!


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