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Spinach Makes My Teeth Dry

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Spring break is in full force. It was 65 out today and it’s been nice all week, so we’ve been taking hour long walks with the dogs every day. I’m also keeping my mind sharp for next week’s return to school by watching marathons of 16 and Pregnant on Super classy. I also made some of this bread, which I first made a few years ago and highly recommend. It makes excellent sandwich bread. No photo though.

Tonight’s dinner was some baked macaroni & cheese that I made over winter break and froze. This recipe freezes well, and we’ve had it a few times these past few months. I steamed some fresh spinach (more greens!) and put a scoop of mac & cheese on it. A complete dinner.

While we eating this, I kept running my tongue over my teeth because they felt so weird, and Brent commented, “Doesn’t spinach make your teeth feel weird?” and I said, “Yeah, like dry, right?” Anyone else get this feeling? It’s totally strange.

Tomorrow morning is my doctor’s appointment, so I’ll be fasting tonight for 12 hours. 😦

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  1. I totally get that feeling and it drives me CRAZY!!! I’ve found that cooking and draining spinach makes it a little better, but not great…

  2. You’re so funny! I guess I’ve never thought about it, but spinach does sort of have a weird mouthfeel.

    That mac and cheese looks amazing! I’m always searching for a new recipe to try — one that isn’t swimming in grease, nor too “healthy.” I mean, it’s mac and cheese, after all!


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