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Egg Sandwiches and Coffee

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Sounds like the perfect start to a weekend morning, doesn’t it? I’m trying to relish such things because today is my last day before heading back to school. Yesterday was equally laid back and indulgent. I spent the afternoon drinking beer and watching our alma maters lose in the Big Ten tournament. At least Illinois put up a surprisingly good fight. Anyway, back to my breakfast:

The bread was the 100% whole wheat bread I mentioned making in my previous post. Topped with Smart Balance mayonnaise (because of my cholesterol :(), spring mix lettuce, sliced tomato, and some sliced avocado. I loved it. And I think my sandwich was better than Brent’s. His had a runny yolk and no avocado. Why bother? Served with dark roast coffee in my super old Illinois mug.

I have big plans to shred, walk the dogs, clean the house, and try to get a head start on some school work today. My first labor & delivery clinical starts tomorrow at 6:30am!


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  1. Sounds like a great way to relax on your last day of “freedom!”

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