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I like shrimp, avocados and tacos. Together, they’re one of my favorite warm weather meals and I make these Ceviche-Style Shrimp Tacos quite frequently in the spring and summer.

Another reason I chose to make these tacos is because we have 4lbs of frozen shrimp in our freezer, and it looks like we’ll be moving out of here in 2 weeks!! Obviously I’m trying to use up our freezer and pantry items now so that we’ll have less to move. Plus we will definitely have a lot less room for food storage in our new place so I might as well downsize now.

My semester is winding down. I have a rather important comprehensive pediatrics exam at the end of this week that I’m studying like crazy for. I’ll be glad to get that exam over with, but I’m actually pretty sad about my pediatrics clinical ending. I really loved it and as of right now (it’ll probably change next semester), I really think that’s the area I would like to work in when I graduate.

That’s all for now. I’ve got to watch Lost with Brent and the dogs. I think there will be more tacos tomorrow for dinner. 🙂


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  1. Yum. I’m a sucker for anything with avocado so this sounds right up my alley. I also think having pounds of shrimp on hand is not a bad problem to have. They are so good in everything.


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