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I have eaten so much good food the past few days, but tonight’s dinner takes the cake. Brent was entirely responsible for all the deliciousness, so I’m letting him tell you about it. Guest post from Brent below – Enjoy!

I love a pickle. I picked up a jar at the grocery on Friday and they were gone by Sunday. Victoria saw this as a problem with my consumption patterns; I saw it as having too few pickles. To paraphrase a popular meme:  disregard female, acquire pickles.

Pickles can get a little expensive when you’re eating them by the barrel, so I decided to make my own. This turned out to be much easier than I expected. There are a few pickling methods, but I chose the easiest one, described here. I had to pick up a few spices and bell jars, but the cucumbers themselves were only a buck a pound. You can make a boatload of pickles with a small initial investment. Right before parking them in the fridge:

This afternoon, sitting on a mother lode of above-average pickles, we decided cheeseburgers would be the best way to convey pickley goodness. I would’ve eaten them straight from the jar, but whatever. We bought some bison meat (no added hormones, I guess? (I don’t know. Apparently it’s important.)) at the store and cooked up a couple burgers:

Victoria lost her mind over these. Every other bite was punctuated with her praising the burger. She thought about constructing a small alter to the burger in the living room, but we don’t really have the room since moving to the new apartment. Probably for the best; I would hate to anger the pickle gods now that I’ve discovered their delicious secret.


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  1. Great guest post.. I am a pickle fanatic as well, might have to have you show me how you make them.

  2. Becca Calendo

    Hey Vic!

    It’s been too long! My man is into pickling and fermenting anything he can get his hands on (beets, green beans, kim chi, et cetera) and was impressed by the pics! Maybe we’ll have to exchange a jar next time you pass by Chicago 🙂

    <3, Bec

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  4. These are my favorite bread and butter pickles. They are what grandma would have made:


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