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Chicken “Spiedies”?

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I got tonight’s recipe from a Rachael Ray episode I watched a few weeks ago. The absolute main reason I made this was to use up some of Brent’s homemade giardiniera. I can’t say that word, but I think you all know it’s a spicy pickled vegetable thing.

We have two pint size jars of it in our fridge right now, and although Brent would probably just eat it straight out of the jar with a fork, I thought trying to incorporate it into a dish would be nice. So that brings us to Chicken Spiedies with Sesame Sauce. I’m not sure what a “spiedie” is, but the recipe makes a lemon-herb chicken sandwich with tahini dressing and pickled veggies on top. I made a half whole-wheat version of Artisan Bread for the sandwich base. Grilled the marinated chicken on a cast-iron grill pan, drizzled it with the tahini dressing (which I thinned with lemon juice rather than water for more flava), and then covered it with giardiniera. Notice hollowed out bread to reduce density.

It was pretty tasty, although the bread was pretty dense (my bad). Brent suggested making it into a romaine salad topped with the chicken and pickled veggies and tahini dressing. That sounds pretty good. The flavors all definitely worked together, so I may try that sometime soon for a lighter meal.

I’m watching this new show: Master Chef on Fox with Gordon Ramsey. It’s totally the poor man’s Top Chef, which might be ok since I have no cable, but I think it’s going to suck. I’m giving it one episode, so we’ll see.

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  1. Yum. I never heard about giardiniera until I moved to the Midwest. I’ve started watching that too. What’s interesting is they were casting back in January. I actually thought about auditioning because it was right after my boyfriend broke up with me and I decided I was leaving my job. However, I chickened out. Now I watch it and wonder, what if?


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