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Joy of Falafel

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Joy of Falafel is the subject line of an email I got from my best friend in August of 2008! It was an email containing the recipe for falafel from The Joy of Vegetarian Cooking. She highly recommended it and urged me to make it. It only took me two years to finally get around to doing that. I don’t know why.

While I was making this recipe (in my tiny 3 cup food processor), I was worried about the results. It was crumbly and wouldn’t stick together, so I g-chatted with Tessa (the friend mentioned above) who calmed me down and talked me through it, as she usually does. I’m so glad it came together! I even fried it all on my own – without Brent’s help! I think that’s a first.

Beautiful!! I slathered a sauce of tahini, water and lemon juice on top and Brent and I both really loved it. Brent had two servings. I also made some oven roasted okra (okra fries) that I’ve seen on a few blogs, but we were not so much a fan of that. The flavor was good, but I just don’t appreciate the slime. Bummer.

Before the falafel, I spent the day making freezer jam with my friend Taria. I’ve never really canned or anything, but Taria’s from the south and has experience with such things, so I showed up with some Ball jars and Sure-Jell and trusted her to do the rest. We just used the basic strawberry freezer jam recipe that came with the Sure-Jell. OMG! The amount of sugar called for was obscene! I got diabetes just making this stuff. Unfortunately the package was yelling: “DO NOT use a sugar substitute or lower the sugar!! Recipe will not set!!” So, I made the recipe as directed. I figured I should try the approved recipe at least once and get the hang of it before I went crazy making changes, plus that box sounded like it meant business.

The jam must sit at room temperature for 24 hours to set before it goes in the freezer. I have 12 jars of this stuff, so it better be amazing! I think it looks cloudy, like we didn’t dissolve all the sugar or something. Only time will tell I guess.

I’m heading to my parents house in the Chicago area next week to see family and friends, and I plan on bringing some jam as gifts – although I think I may taste test it first!

Must go clean tahini and chickpea crumbs off my counter-tops now. 🙂


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  1. I bet the jam will be fantastic, and remember, you only use, what, a tablespoon of jam at most at a time? Less than a teaspoon of sugar, probably!

    P.S. Falafel is kind of a b*tch, isn’t it?

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