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Edamame Succotash

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First day down! I’m trying to keep an upbeat attitude about school, especially this semester, because I know once I start working, I’m going to wish I had the life of a student again! I think I’m going to be very busy this last semester, but the topics I’m taking (Psychiatric Nursing and Community Health Nursing) are both classes I’ve really been looking forward to.

As I was driving Brent home from work today he asked what tonight’s dinner plans were. I told him that I was making succotash and bread. His response? “That sounds like something they would serve in prison.” Upon seeing my outraged face, he continued, “Well that just sounds terrible. Sorry.”

He was wrong. It was delicious and decidedly non-prisonlike.

I made Edamame Succotash, again from the latest issue of CL. Alongside I made a baguette from Artisan Bread, which I sliced and spread with basil and roasted garlic goat cheese. I thought this was a really comforting and simple meal and I really loved it. I told Brent I loved it and he said “Good. I’m happy for you.” So… I don’t think he felt exactly the same, but he did say (for the millionth time) how much he loves that bread.

I have clinical tomorrow, followed by basketball practice so I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight. I always get into bed early, but I have such horrible insomnia! It always takes me at least 2 hours to fall asleep. šŸ˜¦ It kind of makes Brent miserable.

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  1. Looks fantastic…hope everything keeps going well for you!!

  2. yum! i actually didn’t know what “succotash” was before, but i made this dish with edamame, corn and carrots and someone from the south said it was “succotash.”

  3. Why is it that boys are always so “wah-wah” about really healthy meals? I swear, Dan complains almost every single time we have a bean-based meal. Enjoy the veggies, man!

    I hope your insomnia clears up when your school stress is over — have you tried anything for it? Dan drinks kava tea and takes valerian, and both seem to help him a lot.

  4. I agree with Catherine! Why are they like that. That looks fantastic though. I love the switch up of the edamame and the side of bread with goat cheese. I have some tofu waiting for me in the refrigerator that I’m planning on making with a chilled edamame salad tonight.

  5. OMG a prison meal?!?! Sheesh! I feel like succotash has a bad name. But this meal looks A LOT better than the name might imply. It’s beautiful! šŸ™‚


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