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Traveling Without Feeling Gross

I’m on my way to Denver! Actually right now I’m in the middle of a three hour connection in Dallas. I love traveling, but I hate how blah and gross I feel after a long day of it. It usually makes me feel dry, dehydrated, bloated and stinky. No joke.

To combat the blahness, I make an effort to eat as well as possible. That can be difficult if you’re like me and avoid grocery shopping for a week and a half before your vacation. Last night I made some vegan whole wheat banana bread with some truly overripe bananas and had two slices of it this morning with PB&J – two staples I always have. I froze the rest of the bread, which I’m sure I will appreciate when I return to the Fort.

Next I made a packed lunch. I do this for Brent when he travels for work. A vegan grain or pasta works well because no cooling or heating is required. I cooked up a cup of Israeli couscous, added a can of chickpeas, some scallions and parsley, and some diced tomatoes Brent got from his parents’ garden yesterday. I made Bobby Flay’s green onion vinaigrette for the dressing and lunch was done. I also threw in some dried apricots and almonds, and a mojo bar. I filled my water bottle up at the airport and now I’ve got a perfect lunch.

One final thing that helps with the grossness is that I reapply my face moisturizer at my connections and when I land. I hate how dry my skin gets on planes!

How do you stay healthy when you travel?


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  1. I used to do a much better job of staying healthy. Planning ahead was always key, but I cannot say I’ve been great at that lately.

  2. I always feel gross when I travel too!! I try to drink enough water, but HATE having to use the bathroom on the plane. Also, I generally feel better if I wear my glasses instead of my contacts. Have a good trip!


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