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Butternut Squash Tortellini with Brown Butter

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This meal was supposed to be one that Brent and I cooked together as one of our Friday night feasts, but unfortunately that did not happen. Brent has been working so much lately (like 18 days in a row!) that he really hasn’t had time. It was finally Sunday before we got around to making it, and even then he worked all day so I ended up cooking it by myself. It wasn’t too difficult, and it would have been infinitely easier if I had a food processor that held over 2 cups.

The filling is easy enough to make. Roast squash. Mix it with ricotta, some amaretti cookies, garlic and shallots. Filling the wontons wasn’t so bad either. I’ve never worked with them before but it was a piece of cake. I actually think my only complain about the recipe was that it got so hot in my tiny kitchen with the oven going that I was ready for something cold for dinner by the time I was done!

I really have no room to complain at all though. We both had no trouble finishing this meal. It was like every glorious fall flavor on one plate. It reminded me a lot of Thanksgiving, probably because of the sage and cranberries. I actually halved the recipe and still got nearly 4 dozen tortellini out of it, so we have another meal ready to go in the freezer too! I can’t recommend this meal enough. I picked it out, assuming I would love it and Brent would think it was “fine” or maybe “good,” but he actually really loved it too! Double bonus! 🙂

In other news, I only have 8 more weeks of school left and I’m freaking out/so excited/absolutely terrified and every other possible feeling. Ahhh!


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  1. Sounds AMAZING! I haven’t made my own tortellini in quite some time — actually since I helped a friend work her pasta machine!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing!! Seriously an ideal dish to me 🙂


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