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We’re Moving!!

Hey all! Part of why my blog life has tapered off recently (other than school) is because I felt like I didn’t have a lot to share along with my food photos because Brent and I have been planning some things that required discretion. I’m not so great at discretion, so I just kept quiet instead. Finally all relevant parties have been notified and the cat’s out of the bag at Brent’s work, so I’m allowed to tell you: we’re moving – to Seattle!

Brent’s been interviewing at several companies, in a few different states, but we really loved Seattle. He finally got word that he received a few offers in the Seattle area and sent me this text while I was at clinical:

We’re moving to Seattle! Feel free to blog about it.

I’m so freaking excited! New restaurants, walkability, a non-harsh winter, selling our car!!, fresh seafood, a new kitchen, hiking, trying to snowboard, Columbia Valley wines, ahhh…. just so many things!!

We haven’t narrowed down our exact move date yet, but it will be after the holidays, most likely the last week of December or early January. I have to say I feel incredibly proud of Brent. Even he was shocked at how in demand he was (he’s a software developer), and his job hunt from resume submission to job offer confirmation was only a month. We weren’t expected it to happen so quickly, but it’s perfect timing since I’ll be done with school December 13th!!

That’s all. Just wanted to share the good news! 🙂


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  1. Congratulations, you guys! Seattle sounds like a fun place. Best of luck with packing and everything!!!!

  2. omgosh! how EXCITING! yaaay! congrats to you and brent!

  3. Yay awesome! Huge congratulations.


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