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I’ll be honest, it’s pretty hard for me to be at home without a job, in a city where I know no one, while Brent is gone for 12 hours a day. Obviously there is a ton to do in the city, but I’m still getting familiar with it, and I’m trying not to spend much money. All in all, it leaves me feeling a little crazy and quite lonely. Therefore, I was so looking forward to Friday! Brent and I just got cable for the first time in 2 or 3 years, and I DVRed all the Top Chef: All Stars episodes and Brent and I settled in on the couch for a series marathon when he got home.

To provide sustenance for our couch potato-ness, I planned on making two dishes. The first was an easy make-ahead recipe I had ready when Brent got home: Roasted Artichoke Salad from the Barefoot Contessa. I saw her make this a while ago, and I was looking forward to making (and eating) it. I love artichokes!  This was very simple to make, and mostly used pantry ingredients, which is always a plus. I really loved the basil vinaigrette.

I threw some chopped basil on top too, just for fun. 😉 Oh, I cut the recipe down to one-third since I only had one 12oz bag of artichokes, but I really think you could eat this as leftovers very easily. I plated our portions on some spring mix and we were ready to eat. We both really enjoyed this, me probably a bit more than Brent. I’m definitely going to keep this in regular rotation.

After the first episode, we were ready for course number two: caramelized onion, pear, and blue cheese flatbread. I used the master recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day – it feels so good to make bread dough again! After caramelizing one onion, I layered that on the rolled out dough. Then I added a sliced Bosc pear, and sprinkled it with an ounce and a half of blue cheese. I cooked the flatbread on my pizza stone at 450 for 10 minutes, and then sprinkled on a few chopped walnuts and baked it for another minute or two.

I absolutely love this combination. I’ve made it a few times before, but I really think this was my best take on it thus far.

I really enjoyed hanging out for a few hours with Brent, catching up on my favorite show. 🙂 We’re trying to make an effort to have at least one date night a week. This week it’s Brent’s turn to pick! Hope you all had a great weekend!




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  1. Those roasted artichokes look amazing!

    I hear ya — it’s hard to be home alone a lot when you’re not used to it. I’ve had WAY too much “home alone” time for a variety of reasons lately, and it’s getting old!

  2. Oh wow the caramelized onion, pear and blue cheese flatbread appeals to me lots. So much so I wish I could have a slice right now.

    Happy new Year to you from Snowy Scotland.

  3. Hi!
    Just found your blog and was totally thrilled to find out you’re in Seattle! I’m studying in NY but I miss Seattle. I hope you’re finding/making your own adventures. Bikes are super nifty for cutting transportation costs and checking things out.
    Cheers 🙂


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