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Brownies… with Beer

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I’ve been wanting to bake. I mean, seriously, I feel like I haven’t baked for fun in years. That is a total, obvious lie, but it feels that way, probably because of school. So now that I have time on my hands, I read a blog post about some brownies, thought “hey those sound good,” went to the store and made the brownies the same day. There’s something to be said about this boredom, huh?

So about these chocolate stout brownies, how could I not make them? I couldn’t say for sure whether I would like them or not, but I knew I had never had a dessert with beer in it so I had to try. They came together easily enough. I used a 52% baking chocolate, and within 10 minutes they were in the oven. I cooked mine for 22 minutes, and I was excited to taste them.

They had beer so I figured they be a perfect football snack for the games this weekend, and they were – Brent enjoyed two of them.

I thought these were deeply chocolatey, but definitely not super sweet. They had an intense flavor and I really loved them. I found them fudgy rather than cakey, but Brent thought they were more closely related to cake (he’s wrong). Either way, we both really enjoyed them, but to prevent a massive pig out, I froze them individually so that we can take our time eating them 🙂


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  1. It’s funny because I don’t like beer straight up, but I definitely enjoy it in baked goods. I made brownies with stout a couple of years ago for St. Paddy’s day and they were oh so good.


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