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Chicken & Green Chile Tamales

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This project destroyed my kitchen. Like, for real. I knew I wanted to make tamales, and Brent had requested something with roasted green chiles in it, so this is what I came up with. The first step was to prepare the corn husks, which involved trimming and cleaning them and then boiling some water and soaking the husks in it for an hour. Once those were ready, I spread them out and got my dough ready.

Next up, I made the the masa dough using the dough recipe from this recipe.I’ve never made or eaten tamales before, so I was really sure what kind of texture I was going for here, but I just followed the recipe exactly. For the tamale filling, I made this Green Chile Sauce and then added some poached chicken breast.

At this point, nearly everything utensil, pot and pan in my kitchen was dirty, but I forged ahead with the tamale assembly. First, I slathered the husks with about 1/4 cup of the dough.

Then I added a scoop of 1-2 tablespoons of the chicken-chile mixture.

Then I had to roll them up and tie them at the narrow end. Um, this step definitely added to the kitchen mess. I clearly added too much to the corn husks, but I got it done eventually.

Then the next step was to fold the wide top part and steam them for 45 minutes to an hour. But in my reality, the next step was to sit up the couch eating lunch and watching Teen Mom because tying corn husks was kind of an exhausting hassle. But here’s the tamales steaming a little while later.

Then most recipes I read said to let them cool and then reheat when ready to serve. By this time Brent was almost home, so I just steamed them all and got ready for dinner.

Ready to eat! Served with guacamole, of course. Guacamole is always my condiment of choice.

These were pretty darn tasty, and I’m pretty bummed I didn’t make like 30 of them at once for the freezer. That obviously would have made it way more worth the effort. 🙂 Brent really enjoyed these, and there were at least enough leftover for his lunch the next day.

On an unrelated note… shopping is really hard! I went tonight to  look for interview apparel and something to wear to a hospital job fair and it was exhausting and super frustrating. I’m definitely a yoga pants and t-shirt kind of chick, so this is definitely not my arena. Ugh.

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  1. I hear ya — tamales are a LOT of work. But tasty and worth it! I invested in some kitchen twine, because I got tired of the strips of husk breaking on me. 😦


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