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Thai Duck Curry

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Brent and I tried something new yesterday for our Super Bowl meal. Brent handled the appetizer: he made some eggrolls. I’m not so sure how he made them. I think he sauteed some cabbage, carrots, and serrano chiles along with some fish sauce or something. Then stuck about 2T of filling into an egg roll wrapper, rolled ’em up and fried them.

These were pretty tasty. We just dipped them simply in some soy sauce and munched away. I think we’ll probably make them again, possibly with an actual recipe to share. 😉

A few hours later, I made something I knew Brent would like: Red Thai Duck Curry from the Pioneer Woman. As soon as I saw this posted, I thought of Brent. He had some red duck curry at a Thai place the first week we were here and raved nonstop about it for like 2 weeks. I followed her recipe, using duck hind quarters rather than breast because it’s what my market had.

We really enjoyed this, with one exception. We hated the tomatoes in it. Like really. Both of us agreed on this point and we picked the tomatoes out of the leftovers. Other than that, this was pretty fantastic, and probably the most authentic tasting Thai food I’ve made to date. It was not super spicy at all. I ate it very comfortably, so it could probably use a bit more heat.

Gotta start getting ready for bed, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a nostalgic taste from Chicago. 🙂


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