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Scenes From the Top of the Hill

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So the thing about our great neighborhood is that we live at the bottom of a hill. I’ve mentioned that before, I know. What that means is that to get to a lot of the cool, commercial things we have to “climb the hill.” Brent and I will occasionally come across restaurant ideas, and then talk ourselves out of them when we’re feeling lazy because they’re “all the way up the hill.” You may think I’m exaggerating, but it’s hard work! It’s a mile long and fairly steep. Totally worth it though. Best view in the city is from Kerry Park less than a mile from my place. You can see the skyline and the water, and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

I was feeling a bit gloomy today (the job outlook does not look that fab), so I got myself out and about and took a 5 mile trek around the top of the hill.

Stairs and hills leading to more stairs and hills

The skyline. I live 3 blocks to the right of the space needle.

I love when the sun comes out here! Totally worth the drizzle the rest of the time.

Upper Queen Anne is known as a "rich area." I drool over the cute houses.

I also took myself out to lunch at Macrina Bakery. Love.

Cobblestone streets are too cute, right?

My walk was a great escape and very much needed today. I even stopped at the library and got a library card. I was then able to check out a copy of the Macrina Bakery cookbook. 🙂



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  1. oh i love this! the first time i went to seattle i stayed in Queen Anne! It is such a lovely place!


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