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Beet & Apple Salad

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It’s time for something a bit lighter on the blog, right? After duck curry, deep dish, pizza, (oh, and some unblogged goat chorizo in there too), it’s time to write about something a bit more colorful and vegetable friendly. The January issue of Food & Wine comes to the rescue with this fun Beet and Apple Salad. I was all about this salad from the time I saw it. I love beets. Apples are always cool. And horseradish, when used appropriately, is awesome.

I made this ahead of time (which worked wonderfully by the way), and had it throughout the week. I felt like a light dinner on Monday night and ended up throwing a bit of light feta on the salad and just eating that for dinner.

This dish made me remember how crazy good pistachios are. I remember when I was younger my mom would buy huge bags of the bright green ones and we would sit on the couch cracking the shells and eating a ton of them. Roasty, salty and delicious. A perfect compliment to this dish. Oh, and how gorgeous is that beet-stained pink color? I’m in love with it. This salad is a real winner. It’s hearty, healthy, pretty and delicious with just a slight bite from the horseradish. And without my feta addition, it’s vegan too. 🙂

I realized today that the Cook’s Illustrated issue I checked out from the library yesterday features a recipe for DIY deep dish pizza!! [insert shriek of happiness here] I sense a fun weekend project coming up!

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  1. This sounds like a pairing made in heaven. I’m a huge fan of pistachios and can imagine they are so fantastic in this dish.


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