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Naturally Leavened Bread: the Beginning

I mentioned earlier this week that I picked up The Macrina Bakery Cookbook from the library, and I am very excited to start using it. I feel fairly confident with bread baking. It’s been a while since I’ve had a major flub, but I have to admit, I’m nervous about baking bread from this book. Part of my nervousness is also why I’m so excited – it’s something new to me: naturally leavened bread.

I decided to jump right in and make the natural sour starter. When I told Brent I needed to go to Whole Foods to buy organic grapes to make a starter for bread, he was a bit dubious to say the least. There was a definitely eye roll and a “whatever” coming from that direction, but that’s entirely normal so I continued on.

This is a sachet of grapes wrapped in cheese cloth.

After tying the sachet, the next step was to squash (always a fun step) the grapes and dunk them in a mix of unbleached flour and water. The mixture stays like this, uncovered, on our counter top for two days, and then I begin feeding it.

I’m not entirely sure how this is going to turn out, but I’m just going to roll with it, and in two weeks I should be able to start making bread out of this thing!

Stuff I’m thinking About

  • I’m sprucing up the blog! And I’ll have a new web address to reveal soon. My husband, the software development engineer who is “not a web developer” is helping me against his will.
  • I’m heading to a class at a new yoga studio tonight and I’m a bit nervous. I haven’t been to a studio class in a very long time. I hope I don’t wuss out.
  • Brent and I are talking about going to see a movie tonight: The King’s Speech. We have been planning to see a movie for the past 3 weeks, but we always laze out or find an excuse not to go. This is actually a very regular pattern for us. We go months without seeing movies because we’re lazy. Very tragic actually. Leave a comment telling us if you’ve seen any good movies lately to give us some motivation!

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  1. I don’t even know what a web is.

  2. C’mon Brent, spiders make them — duh! 😉

    Victoria, Dan and I went to see “The Social Networking Movie” last weekend, and we were both surprised by how good it was! I hope you guys end up going out tonight!


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