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Restaurant Review: Local 360

Brent and I eat out a lot more now. Like, a lot more. I know I have way more time to cook now, but at the same time, there are so many new places to try! We try to limit going out to once or twice a week, and we’re trying not to repeat places because there are so many we want to try.

With Local 360 we’ve already violated our “no repeats” rule. Local 360 is a restaurant founded on the principles of local, sustainable food. Their goal is to source 90% of their products from within 360 miles of the restaurant. You can read their manifesto here. We first went for dinner shortly after the restaurant opened a few weeks ago, and then again for brunch this past Saturday. Trying the place a few times for different meals allowed us to form a fairly comprehensive opinion of the place, and we love it.

Food: That is the main thing isn’t it? For dinner Brent and I both got the burger with bacon and cheese. I tend to dislike when we order the same thing, but it’s what we wanted and we were not disappointed. The burger comes with a sweet and very faintly spicy relish on top, which I could not get enough of. The burger itself was seasoned and cooked well. Alongside the burger the fries were plentiful, crisp and salty. The salt was a bit overwhelming for me, but Brent was obsessed with them. The portion sizes are large. I ate half of my burger and fries and Brent ate the rest for lunch the next day.

For brunch, I ordered the pork belly & baked beans with eggs and Brent ordered the “fried chicken.” The quotes are absolutely necessary because this was a chicken and bacon mousse roulade, and was definitely not a fried chicken drumstick. My pork belly was delicious, but the beans were a bit underdone for my taste and not very flavorful. The portion was huge and I only ate about 1/3 of it. For me the stars of brunch were the French press coffee (so strong and delicious!) and the biscuit. I would go back for both and be very happy with coffee, biscuits and jam for breakfast.

Overall, the menu is full of food I want to eat. Comforting, delicious, and inventive without being weird for the sake of weird (which I loathe in a restaurant menu). Brent and I plan on coming back to try the mushroom pot pie and some of their other lunch items.

I adore French press coffee, and I adore it even more when it is unlimited for just $2.50/person. Oh, and it’s even better when served with house-made sugar cubes and a shot glass of real cream!

Pork Belly & Baked Beans with Eggs. Number one: Brent chided me for for getting my eggs scrambled and claimed real foodies always get their yolks runny. Whatevs. Number two: He also told me that my breakfast looked like it was from Cracker Barrel. I guess it’s the mini cast iron pan (which I love). That biscuit at the top was out of control amazing!

“Fried Chicken.” There was not a speck of food left on that plate. I tried a few bites. The roulade was not my thing, but the cheesy grits were pretty good.

Service: The service was good, perhaps a little too attentive on our first visit, but that’s to be expected since they had just opened. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and preparation of each dish. One minor note: they give you a carafe of water for each table, but then the wait staff and hostess come around and refill your water for you from the carafe. For some reason this really annoys me. If you’re going to give me a bottle full of water, please trust me to handle pouring it. It always seems weird when they do that for you. Maybe I’m just weird.

Atmosphere: The decor is clean and stylish, but not modern. I love the wood paneling and the exposed light bulbs. They have a large opening from the dining room into the kitchen as well as a full bar. Because of the large open spaces, the acoustics do tend to be somewhat loud, but it’s not a serious problem unless you’re seated near a super loud talker.

Miscellaneous: They’re opening an attached mercantile that will sell some of their house made products and locally sourced ingredients. The store will also contain a butcher that will be breaking down the local meats used in the restaurant for purchase. I am very excited about this part.

Local 360
2234 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Neighborhood: Belltown
(206) 441-9360

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  1. I think it’s understandable to eat out quite a bit more when you move to a new city. I did the same thing myself when I first came to Chicago. I’ve been doing pretty good on my own no repeats well but definitely not perfect!


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