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Fish Tacos

Don’t you just love colorful food? I need more of it in my life. I feel like this week is going so much better. Mentally anyway. Still no news on the job front, but I feel so much lighter about the whole thing. I’m actually cooking this week! Brent and I were walking around Whole Foods (because that’s how I get my kicks) and rockfish was on sale. Brent picked it up and said “It says here that it’s excellent for healthy fish tacos.” I said alright, put it in the cart and went to get some fixings.


I used this recipe for the fish marinade and the marinated onions and then just added some shredded cabbage, mashed avocado and sour cream. So excellent. This was one of those meals that made me think, “I should be eating more meals like this.” Fresh. Colorful. Delicious.

In other amazingly awesome news, my best friend Tessa is coming to visit! She’s getting here one week from today. I am beyond excited.I can’t wait to show her some snippets of our new city! Plus she’s moving soon herself (to Boston), so this will be a good time to spend time together before she gets crazy busy.

And then after she leaves Brent and I are headed to San Francisco for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. We’ll have been married five years on March 3rd. We just booked our trip, btu I’m not sure what our priorities should be as far as sights to see, food to eat, places. Guess I have some research to do. Chime in if you have any ideas!

Now I’m drinking wine, eating a handful of butterscotch chips, and watching the Biggest Loser. 🙂


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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Your trip sounds lovely. Glad to hear you’re feeling lighter. I too love colorful food, I think having a blog and spending so much time fussing and thinking about how to prepare it has contributed to that.


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