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My Strange Addiction

I’ve got a new addiction: phở. Specifically the small veggie phở at Pho Than Brothers which is dangerously located 3 blocks from my apartment. It is delicious, super close, and super cheap. You get awesome soup and a cream puff for $4.85. The first time we went I had the veggie and Brent had one of their beef based soups (all of them are beef based except the veggie), and both of us agreed the veggie is way better.

The fact that it has veggies has me convinced that eating this 5 times a week is totally ok. Tofu, veggies, savory broth. Heaven in a bowl. Oh, and apparently the owner’s wife makes those cream puffs (pictured above the soup), which come free with every soup. I’m not actually sure she still does, not that they have 13 restaurants, but regardless, I could totally eat about a dozen.

This isn’t really a restaurant review. I guess I don’t really consider this a restaurant. It’s a sit down place. But mostly they just take your order, quickly bring your food and leave you alone to enjoy the deliciousness. It kind of reminds me of a cafeteria, but I have no complaints about that at all.

Guess what we’re doing this weekend! The Seattle Food and Wine Experience! Yay! And it’s only 3 blocks from my house. I am too ridiculously excited. Wine and food and beer and coffee! Ahh! I will report back on Monday. 🙂


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  1. pho is the BEST! Too bad we already have burritos for dinner, otherwise, I’d be seeking out some pho! Now I’m hungry for it . . . drat!

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