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U-District Farmers Market

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Yesterday Brent and I had to take advantage of the unexpected sunshine and get outside. We hopped a bus to the University District to check out their farmers market. My usual weekend farmers market is the Ballard farmers market, but it’s always nice to diversify, right? The U-district’s market was pretty bustling (due to the sunshine, no doubt) and we wandered around for quite a bit finding ingredients for dinner (more on that in a later post).

Why didn’t I buy huge buckets of tulips to bring in to my house? Ahh. Total and instant regret.

And I was definitely inspired to bring some green onto my balcony. I need to plant something soon.

Of course I also picked up some smoked salmon. It’s nearly all I eat since moving here!

The bus we take from the U-district back to our hood goes right through Fremont so we decided to hop off for a quick snack and a beer. I brought Brent to Pie so we could split a mini pie. He chose the veggie pot pie, which was quite delicious but lacking a tiny bit of salt.

I still need to go back to try the macaroni & cheese pie.

I love Fremont Brewing, so I was more than happy to stop in to check out their new seasonal release.

I had nearly a whole pint of the Summer Solstice seasonal (described as tangerine flower in a glass), which was super refreshing, and Brent enjoyed The Brother Imperial IPA and later bought a growler to take home and enjoy during the Final Four games.

Their Urban Beer Garden is a pretty laid back place. Seating includes wooden picnic tables and garage sale furniture, and you can enjoy the view of the fermentation tanks while you sip.

Oh, and “since we were in the area” Brent decided he was interested in visiting the troll after all, so we had to snap a photo of that.

Our day wasn’t over, however. The sun was still shining when we finally got back home, so we took Larry out for a walk to Seattle Center to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival ended up just being a few food stands and a group of performers who weren’t performing, but we still had a nice time. AND Larry was very well-behaved around the large group of people and dogs.

Isn’t Larry funny? He’s sitting because we told him to and he’s obedient, but he’s not happy about it! He always looks so forlorn when we make him sit. He’d rather be running.

Well we’re off to Magnolia to hit up Discovery Park. We run this town. 😉

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