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Cheered Up!

As I mentioned earlier, I got a great surprise yesterday afternoon, which was just the break I needed from my pity party. The very sweet Nicole sent me an awesome Secret Valentine package!

hpim2844I got a really cute mug with the Thoreau quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” which I love. English was my second major in school, and I spent quite a bit of time dealing with Thoreau. With the mug was a cute mini book of inspirational quotes and a very sweet note from Nicole inside. 🙂 A West Chester University key-chain, which was a very cute personal touch and lots of mini candies — M&Ms, Twix, and Snickers, which Brent was all over, and quite a few new bars! I haven’t tried any of these yet, so I’m really excited. What is even more exciting are the mint chocolate M&Ms! I’ve seen these but never tried them, and I LOVE mint chocolate things. Yum! Thank you so much Nicole!! This package made my day! 🙂 I also want to thank Lee for organizing this great exchange!

I spent this afternoon wrangling with butter and sugar to produce the toffee!! I hope you’re excited Julie! It will be on its way tomorrow!

hpim2850Dinner was pretty quick and easy. Sadly, it has a pretty low blog-worthiness because it is a repeat of the Bulgur Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette from Bobby Flay. Still delicious.

hpim2853I again added a can of chickpeas, and we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I actually felt like being lazy and going out to eat, but after much internal debate, my wallet was spared and we ate what was on the menu.

I have spent the better part of my evening struggling with a less than awesome physiology lab and being stressed out.  I managed to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and vacuum up copious amounts of dog hair as well. I did, however, skip my workout. My mental health had to take priority over a sweat session. Brent left for the gym without me, but, because my husband loves me (and it’s a big hassle for him when I’m stressed), he came back with secret ingredients and made me this!

hpim2855So now I’m enjoying a mid-week Cosmopolitan while watching Lost! I love Brent, really, even though he annoys occasionally. This sort of thing makes up for the fact he continually leaves his shoes in the kitchen for me to trip on. 🙂

Finding Use For Bulgur

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As I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to use what few staples we have in our pantry. We may not have a lot in there, but one thing we have plenty of is bulgur. At least five cups of bulgur last time I checked. Brent hasn’t loved any of the meals I’ve made with it, so I guess I just stopped trying a while back.

I was determined to make a small dent in our supply this weekend, and I found this recipe, which I’m happy to report, was amazing!


The vinaigrette is seriously the star of the show. I tasted it after making, and I’ll admit I was a little dubious, but on the salad it was perfect. I made the whole recipe, and added a can of garbanzo beans to it, and that made 4 meal sized portions, and a smallish 5th portion to use for a lunch. We had it for dinner last night, and then again this evening. I thought it tasted great as leftovers, but Brent says you really get the most WOW from the dressing the first time around. So next time if I make it with the intention of having leftovers, I’ll only dress half of it, and then dress the leftovers before serving. It’s a highly recommended recipe. If any of you have beloved bulgur recipes, I’ll gladly accept suggestions for use with the other 4 cups of bulgur sitting in the pantry.