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Quick & Easy

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Tonight’s dinner is probably going to become a regular. It was quick, easy, tasty, and very versatile. I made Wasabi Salmon Cakes. I made a few modifications based on what I had on hand. I used Nasoya Sandwich Spread instead of mayonnaise, and no red bell pepper in the cakes because I put some in my side salad instead. The recipe didn’t mention what size can of salmon to use. Mine was 14.5oz and I ended up using probably closer to half a cup of panko breadcrumbs. After forming the patties, I let them chill i the fridge for about an hour to firm up and let the flavors meld. I also pan-fried them in a little canola oil. I loved the crunchy crust.


This made 6 pretty large cakes for us. We each had 2 and I froze two of them uncooked to use at a later time. Brent said he really liked the wasabi in them, but I guess I must be getting a cold because I could not really taste the wasabi. We (Brent) made a quick dipping sauce out of hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce and chili paste. These patties could be made to suite any meal because you can just switch up the add-ins to change the flavor.


I just think my dogs are hilarious. We feed them when we get home from work everyday, which usually ends up because 5:15 or so. Because Larry eats so much quicker than Lucy, we need to seperate them while they eat so that Larry doesn’t start eating Lucy’s food. What works best is to feed Lucy outside on the patio, and Larry eats inside. Now obviously dogs cannot tell time, but I swear these dogs know when it is 5pm. Today I was milling around the kitchen around 5, when Lucy started freaking out and jumping at the patio door. Assuming she had to go outside, I opened the door, at which point she sat down promtly right outside the door next to her food bowl. Larry then ran next to his food bowl and sat there wagging his tail. Maybe its because I was bored, but I found this really funny.

A Few Good Meals

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I really need to work on my titles. Moving on to the food… I’m trying to post all my dinners, at least those that I make, because I thought it might encourage me to try new things and create more of my own recipes, and sometimes I just think the food looks pretty. 


This lovely, fiberiffic meal contains:

4oz Grilled Salmon
Romaine lettuce
Lightly Steamed Broccoli
Orange Cherry Tomatoes
Red Bell Pepper
Sliced Almonds
Green Peas
Annie’s Tuscan Vinaigrette

Tonight’s meal was another Cooking Light favorite, slightly modified


We made the recipe above minus the sprouts, added a red bell pepper, increased the cucumber, used soy mayonnaise instead of regular. I love soba noodles. Delicious. 

No baking tonight because I’m exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well at all, so I’m thinking I will be cutting out caffeine for a while and see if that helps (although I don’t drink too much of it now).

I’m formulating a recipe for some cookies that will either be amazing… or nothing too impressive. You’ll probably see those tomorrow, and I’m going home to Chicago this coming weekend, and will be baking A TON of stuff to bring home with me, to give to friends and family. Stay tuned!