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Spinach Makes My Teeth Dry

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Spring break is in full force. It was 65 out today and it’s been nice all week, so we’ve been taking hour long walks with the dogs every day. I’m also keeping my mind sharp for next week’s return to school by watching marathons of 16 and Pregnant on Super classy. I also made some of this bread, which I first made a few years ago and highly recommend. It makes excellent sandwich bread. No photo though.

Tonight’s dinner was some baked macaroni & cheese that I made over winter break and froze. This recipe freezes well, and we’ve had it a few times these past few months. I steamed some fresh spinach (more greens!) and put a scoop of mac & cheese on it. A complete dinner.

While we eating this, I kept running my tongue over my teeth because they felt so weird, and Brent commented, “Doesn’t spinach make your teeth feel weird?” and I said, “Yeah, like dry, right?” Anyone else get this feeling? It’s totally strange.

Tomorrow morning is my doctor’s appointment, so I’ll be fasting tonight for 12 hours. 😦

Learning to love the crockpot

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I went on an actual date with my husband tonight! Out of the house and everything. I don’t know what it is about leaving the house, but I’ve found Brent and I always have better conversations and focus more on each other when we leave the house. The lack of TV, internet and iPhones is a big help! 🙂

I also met my friend Sheila for a workout at our school’s wellness center today. Such a good idea! I probably wouldn’t have worked out today, if I hadn’t planned on meeting her. We’ve planned to continue working out together a few times a week after class!

OK, onto the food. During school, I’ve been trying to plan at least one crockpot meal a week. It’s so convenient and I want to love my crockpot. My main problem with the crockpot is that so many of the vegetarian recipes I find for it are soups and chilis. While I obviously love a soup, we eat them so often for lunch that I’d like something different for dinner. While I was searching the internet for non-soup crockpot meals over winter break, I came across this recipe for Gingery Chickpeas in Spicy Tomato Sauce.

I really liked this. I served it over a bed of spinach along with some half whole-wheat naan. Brent seemed to think it was “pretty OK.” Given the ease and convenience of the crockpot, I definitely think I would make it again.

Do you have a favorite (vegetarian, non-soup) crockpot recipe?

Faux English Muffins

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Oops! I told you I would be back with the last of the olive oil dough, but then life got in the way. School seems so all-consuming this semester, and I’m worried my healthy habits will be a victim. Between stress-eating (and some stress-wine drinking) and lack of workout time, and just general “OMG-I-don’t-want-to-cook-today-was-so-hard-and-i-think-tomorrow-will-be-worse-and-my-clinical-instructor-hates-me” syndrome, I haven’t been so impressed with my commitment and modeling of a healthy lifestyle (which I think is so important for a nurse especially) lately. Ugh. Don’t let my whining fool you though. I still get really excited about things like giving injections and Getting To Observe In The Operating Room!! 😀 It’s just really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.

Sorry for that ridiculously self-pitying tangent. My point was that I’ve been busy, as I’m sure all of you have as well. Such is life. One day this week, I found enough time to make a fun and delicious lunch. I used the last of the olive oil dough to make a faux english muffin. I put my cast iron griddle over medium heat and put a small flattened ball of dough into an English muffin ring. I cooked it for about 7 minutes on each side.

Isn’t that a glorious looking sandwich? After slicing and toasting, I topped it with a fried egg, a slice of cheddar and a large handful of spinach. This lunch was beyond satisfying. Fast food breakfast sandwiches have nothing on this. Yum. I want to make another one.

I’ve recently rediscovered how wonderful sandwiches can be. They can be super simple, or over the top and crazy delicious, or just somewhere in between like this one was. I have to remember that taking time out to enjoy a simple lunch is so worth it, now more than ever.

I Just Love Pizza

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When we were in Seattle, we ate some really crappy pizza. It was unfortunate really. The restaurant – Serious Pie – had rave reviews from basically everyone on the planet, so Brent and I were pretty excited to try it. Total disappointment. We had the clam & pancetta pizza, and believe or not, it was indescribably bland. No flavor. Definitely heat from some red pepper flake, but only heat. Blah. What was most unfortunate about our experience is that when we told people we did not enjoy our pizza, they seriously asked, “Oh was it too gourmet for you?” Because, obviously, as hicks from Indiana we wouldn’t know great pizza if it bit us in the ass. Ugh. So offensive.

Anyway, as I was recently reminded, it doesn’t matter if we may not able to get good pizza in Seattle. I can just make my own, which I love way more. It never disappoints me. 🙂 Last night Brent and I made some personal pizzas using the olive oil dough from Artisan Bread. My pizza was tomato & herb sauce, spinach, mozzarella and Parmesan.
Brent’s pizzas are always so boring. This time, rather than just plain mozzarella, he also included anchovies. He loves those salty little fish. Back to my pizza – look at how good this looks!

This olive oil dough made a great crust. I think I like it more than the master recipe dough for pizza. Looking at these pictures is actually making me wish I was eating this pizza again. Sometime you just really need a flatbread covered in cheese, you know?

I’m trying to get at least one serving of cooked leafy greens a day. Brent was alarmed at the amount of spinach I bought at the store, so expect to see quite a bit of it on the blog. I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of the Artisan Bread Olive Oil Dough. 🙂